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Are Your Pearls Strung Out?

Pearls are most often incorporated in jewelry as strands. True, there are some more contemporary styles for pearls; Gellner, one of our designers, is a great example of a designer who has taken cultured pearl jewelry to a completely different level. But mostly, you’ll see cultured pearls featured in strands, from 14-inch chokers to flowing…

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Caring for Your Pearls

Pearls are a staple in the accessory wardrobe of most women. If they’re not, I think they should be. But I’m a jeweler, so I’m biased. But given that many women own at least one piece of pearl jewelry, and because I am a jeweler and pearls are one of my favorites, please allow me…

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Have pearls, but rarely wear them? Let me change that!

About a month ago, a customer came in looking for ideas to give her husband for something she would enjoy for their anniversary. I asked her if she already owned a strand of pearls. She said yes but she rarely wore them, thinking them a bit too traditional. When she did wear them, it was…

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Marc Aronstam talks about pearls

Pearls are classic, timeless and elegant and a miracle of nature. One of my favorite gem “stones,” pearls come in a huge variety of colors, from classic white to pink, silver, cream, golden, green, blue, black, and even rainbow-hued. Actually a mineral (calcium carbonate) rather than a true stone, pearls are formed in layers, slowly,…

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