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Getting Ready for Tucson

The 60th Annual Tucson Gem and Mineral Show is coming up at the end of January and goes through the beginning of February. As always, I’ll be there. Geodes, fossils, and other kinds of rock and mineral formations that are out of this world abound at the Tucson Show. If there’s anything like that you’ve…

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What’s exceptional at Aronstam Fine Jewelers? Lots!

At Aronstam Fine Jewelery, we’re known for lots of things that make us exceptional. Just ask Donna: “My experiences with Aronstam Jewelers have always exceeded my expectations! I have always felt a part of the ‘Aronstam family.’ Beautiful jewelry gives me pleasure like a piece of fine art. Marc and the Aronstam Family create and…

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Are you a one-of-a-kind customer?

I’ve often said that creating custom pieces for my clients “is my normal.” It’s very true. I can’t think of much I enjoy more than working one-on-one with someone, coming up with the perfect design for him or her. It’s hard to say how a design comes about. I always begin by listening and watching…

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Indianapolis jeweler specializes in the unique

“I don’t want to simply make a product I can sell a hundred of. What I love is working with people, designing the perfect piece for them. My best advertising is my custom work. Custom IS my normal.” – Marc Aronstam I like that quote. I’m comfortable knowing I’m known for being different. I do…

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Aronstam-designed custom jewelry demands one-on-one communication

Occasionally, I’m asked about my favorite part of custom jewelry design work. I love that question because people are so often surprised by my answer: The people I work with. I know, it sounds hokey. But trust me, it’s true. When a customer comes into Aronstam Fine Jewelers for a custom jewelry piece, it’s generally…

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