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Introducing Dabakarov

I just picked up a designer line that has actually been around for about thirty years. Over the course of its history, Dabakarov has evolved to keep up with the trending styles of jewelry. While I personally believe that trends are as fickle as the sea, and a truly fine piece of jewelry is timeless…

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Dress for Success – Indianapolis

As a small business owner, I’ve experienced – and am still experiencing – my own share of the American Dream. Now almost 30 years into owning and operating Aronstam Fine Jewelers, it isn’t merely money that has driven me this far. I love what I do. I take pride in what I do. The smiles…

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Pantone Color of the Year

I’m not usually a mainstream kind of guy, but fashion critiques of the Golden Globes and Grammys are everywhere online and in print. With the Academy Awards coming up on March 2nd, they’re not going away any time soon, so I thought I’d offer my two cents. So let’s talk fashion for a bit. Let’s…

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Marc Aronstam gets bold with new fall jewelry trends

Having recently returned from the Las Vegas Jewelry Show, there is lots to talk about when it comes to hot trends in jewelry! Donna and I saw lots of gold, lots of pearls and lots of larger semi-precious stones. Let’s begin with gold. Gold is now at a 2 ½ year low right now. With…

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Indianapolis jeweler looks at upscale layering trends this fall

You’ve seen them everywhere already – from the red carpet to the morning news shows, to the boardroom. The layered necklace trend is big. Here’s why I like long, layered necklaces. You can have fun with them and break all the “jewelry rules.” Mix high-contrast styles like earthy beads mixed with delicate gold chains. You…

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