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White Metals (Part IV)

There has been a rash of alternative metals making headway in the jewelry industry over the last ten years. They’ve been most popular in men’s wedding bands, but every once in a while, I’ll see some of them pop up in women’s rings. The two major players as far as white metals go are titanium…

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White Metals (Part III)

Palladium is not as new to the jewelry game as many people might think. When platinum was declared a “strategic government resource” at the onset of World War II, palladium was brought to bear as its replacement in white gold alloys. That practice is still common. In fact, palladium white gold is the European standard,…

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White Metals (Part II)

White gold has multiple sides of the white metal story on its own. It depends on two things: first, the karatage of the gold you’re considering; second, the alloy content of that particular karatage. The US standards for gold jewelry are 10k, 14k, or 18k; that is: 41.6% pure gold by weight (10k), 58.5% pure…

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White Metals (Part I)

Although yellow gold and rose gold are making a comeback, white metal is still the first choice for many engagement rings, wedding bands, and all jewelry styles in general, really. But while there is only one yellow metal in the world from which to choose (gold), there are a handful of white metals on the…

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Spring clean your jewelry box –and recycle your ‘unwanteds’ into new!

Spring is upon us and for many, that means sorting through closets, getting rid of unworn and outdated clothing as the season changes. So — why not do the same thing with your jewelry? What I tell my clients is to bring me everything they don’t wear any more and let me show you what…

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