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Emerald Ethnicity

The prime consideration for emerald quality comes down to color, more so than for almost any other gemstone. The rarity of large, cleaner emeralds of top color has logically led to sky-rocketing values. The finest emeralds are among the rarest and most valuable gemstones in the world, on par with top rubies, and dwarfing all…

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Emerald – May Birthstone

Pliny the Elder, the great naturalist of Antiquity, once wrote, “Nothing greens greener than emerald.” He was not wrong: to this day, emerald is still the green gem against which all green gems are compared. For over three thousand years, emerald has been treasured above many other gemstones for its rarity, and its largely unrivaled…

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Springtime Colors

Spring gives pastel colors their biggest stage of the year. The strong jewel tones have not yet developed in nature during March or April. Spring fashion has always revolved around pastel colors. That’s not a trend; it’s historical precedent. With pastels in mind, one group of minerals stands out as dominating that color tone palate:…

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Aquamarine – March Birthstone

In the last thirty years, aquamarine has developed a somewhat generic reputation for being washed out, uninteresting, or not living up to its name. And while the majority of commercial-grade aqua certainly fits such a description perfectly, I prefer to set the bar a little higher. My sales staff will gladly show you the difference…

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Consider the aquamarine, the elegant birthstone for March

I consider the aquamarine to be an ethereal beauty of a Piscean gemstone. Rich in folklore, the stone takes its name from the Latin words for water and the sea. According to legend, sailors wore aquamarines to keep them safe and prevent seasickness. Birthstone: Generally considered as the March birthstone, although other birthstones for March…

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