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Aronstam Fine Jewelry is contemporary. And antique. And traditional

It’s easy to get pigeon-holed as one type of jewelry designer or another. Some of my Aronstam custom clients know me for my intricate, more traditional, custom jewelry designs. Others, for my starker, simpler, contemporary creations. Truth is, I want to be known for my original custom jewelry work. Whether that is simple and elegant…

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Let’s begin the holidays with an open house!

Whether you call it the season of joy, the holy holidays, the festive season, or the crazy season, the season is definitely upon us! Here at Aronstam Fine Jewelers, we like to kick off the season with a traditional open house. This year’s annual event is Thursday November 29th from 10 am – 8 pm,…

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Why a blog about Aronstam Fine Jewelers?

My work as a custom jewelry designer and as the owner of Aronstam Fine Jewelers over the past 45 years or so has given me an amazing perspective on those I serve. I’ve noticed how my customers express themselves through what they wear, what details are important to them, and how they choose special jewelry…

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