Graduation Time

Starting this week, graduations are going to come in a great wave. Some of them will be for young people graduating high school or finishing the undergrad work. Others may be finishing a more advanced degree. Still others may be completing trade school. All are ample cause for celebration, and many people like to celebrate such occasions by giving gifts.

Various colors of cultured pearls

Various colors of cultured pearls

Cultured pearls are a wonderful standard for a lady’s graduation, regardless of her age. They can be as simple and fun as a strand of cultured freshwater pearls dyed into playful colors, or as timeless as a strand of matched cultured white Akoyas that glow with pearlescent radiance. I’m personally a big fan of cultured Tahitian pearls; I like using multicolored strands that show greens, black, steely grays, and even golds and whites mixed in.

A gift that is a little more contemporary is long, wrappable, stackable strands of pearls and colored gems. Margo Morrison is one of the most popular designers I carry, and she uses some unique materials. I’ve also had a few strands laid out and strung from my own inventory of gems, as well.

Strands of labradorite, cultured pearls, and turquoise

Strands of labradorite, cultured pearls, and turquoise

I also have a selection of simple colored studs set up for quick grab-and-go gifts. Garnets, emeralds, rubies, different colors of zircon, aquamarine, amethyst, etc.; I love colored stones, and these kinds of earrings are easy, affordable gifts.

For the guys celebrating a graduation, cufflinks are always a staple of any man’s formal wear. I have a wide selection, from pieces I’ve designed to various stainless steel designs by Colibri. Speaking of Colibri, I carry a fine array of gents’ goods by them, including lighters and cigar cutters, cufflinks, and some sharp-looking pens.

And speaking of sharp, I still have a variety of fine pocketknives by William Henry Studio. These are the finest folding knives in the world, by my estimation; they also apply their craftsmanship to pens, money clips, and – get this – golfer’s divot tools. William Henry represents function elevated to art. It’s worth stopping by just to see those.

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