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Graduation Time

Starting this week, graduations are going to come in a great wave. Some of them will be for young people graduating high school or finishing the undergrad work. Others may be finishing a more advanced degree. Still others may be completing trade school. All are ample cause for celebration, and many people like to celebrate…

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Gifts for the Men in Your Life

There are two times every year I can almost set my watch by. The first is the day after Mother’s Day. The second is the week after Thanksgiving. Why do those dates matter? Well, the first one is the first day people start thinking about Father’s Day. The second is when most people start seriously…

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Aronstam Jewelers hosts a William Henry Knife show

Father’s day, anniversaries, birthdays, special occasions or just needing to find something different and unique for a man, I am always looking to fill the bill. This year along with many unique men’s gifts, we are featuring William Henry Knives. William Henry Knife collectors are a special breed. They know fine quality, excellent craftsmanship, and…

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Gifts for the guys, Part 2

This time of year, I thoroughly enjoy helping my many male clients choose the perfect gift for his wife, his mother, and often a daughter or two. But, as I said in Part 1 of this blog series, I’ve also got some amazing stuff for GUYS! Since men like upscale toys and collector stuff, I…

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Gifts for Guys

When you think of Indianapolis jewelry stores, you generally think about jewelry. And this time of year, when you think about Aronstam, I bet you think: “gifts for women.” Although I’ve got some truly heart-stopping holiday jewelry perfect for the women in your life… I’ve also got some cool stuff for GUYS! Men like stuff…

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