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A classic 10 year custom design anniversary ring

Simple and with meaning, A classic 10 year custom design anniversary ring design with one larger diamond for each year… Posted by Aronstam Fine Jewelers on Friday, January 15, 2016

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Why Solder Your Rings Together?

Wedding season is entering the 7th Inning Stretch, and so there’s a practical decision looming on the horizon for brides coming back from their honeymoons. Or maybe your wedding is coming up in the last half of this year; this is a question you’ll eventually have to answer, as well. “Should I get my wedding…

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Lashbrook Wedding Bands

If you’re getting married this summer, hopefully you’ve already started looking at wedding bands for both parties involved. But whether or not you have, there’s a line I carry I think you might consider if you’re into more contemporary or edgy styles. Lashbrook designs and produces wedding bands, but their jewelry is not your grandpa’s…

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Marc Aronstam gets bold with new fall jewelry trends

Having recently returned from the Las Vegas Jewelry Show, there is lots to talk about when it comes to hot trends in jewelry! Donna and I saw lots of gold, lots of pearls and lots of larger semi-precious stones. Let’s begin with gold. Gold is now at a 2 ½ year low right now. With…

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Marc Aronstam on custom engagement & wedding rings

One of my favorite custom design scenarios is to design engagement and wedding rings. That’s because I feel strongly that these rings are much more than a promise to love and cherish for a lifetime. I believe custom engagement rings and wedding bands offer a look inside the soul, the story and the partnership of…

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Jennifer Aniston’s emerald-cut engagement ring brings a classic back to the bridal realm.

There has been enormous press recently about Jennifer Aniston’s classy and tailored emerald-cut diamond engagement ring. Although at Aronstam Fine Jewelers we take note of emerging trends in jewelry, we never copycat them. Instead, we refine and redefine them. Big beautiful panels of light and color, tailored elegance, and simplicity are what I think of…

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