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Paraiba and Cuprian Tourmaline

Of all the varieties of tourmaline – and there are A LOT – one stands out amongst them all for its beauty, its rarity, and the enormous debate raging over which ones are which. It all started in the 1980s when some tourmaline crystals were unearthed in Paraiba State, Brazil. Tyrian purples, mint greens, even…

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Rubellite Tourmaline

Red tourmaline is something special. Its rich purplish-red with a pink undertone glistens like raspberry sorbet on a candlelit table. The color is deep and passionate; it stirs the emotions. You’ve probably seen red tourmaline listed under the unofficial trade name of “rubellite.” The vast majority of red-hued tourmaline is either pink, or it has…

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Tourmaline – October Birthstone

If garnets and sapphires naturally come in every color of the rainbow, it may be said that tourmaline naturally comes in almost every shade of every color of the rainbow. Outside of possibly fluorite, which is not the best choice for setting in jewelry, tourmaline is the single most colorful mineral on the planet when…

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Ethiopian Opal

In 1994, a new opal discovery was announced in the east African country of Ethiopia. It was located in the province of Shewa, near the village of Mezezo. People always get excited about gem-quality opal, and these opals were unlike anything anyone had ever seen. They were dubbed “chocolate opals” for the dark brown body…

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What Kind of Opal are You?

Opals are a pretty big deal in my store. They are one of my favorites; in fact, they are my favorite. Boulder opal especially appeals to me because of its inherent variety. They’re unique and different, like the things I design. No two can ever be just alike, and each one marches to the beat…

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Opal – October Birthstone

“It displays at once the piercing fire of carbunculas, the purple brilliance of amethystos, and the sea-green of smaragdus, and all these glittering colors mixed together in an incredible way. Some opali carry such a play within them that they equal the deepest and richest colors of painters. Others again simulate the flaming fire of…

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