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The first of two shipments of Kurtulan has arrived and is ready to be ogled, tried on, adored, and brought into your own collection. Here’s just a small sampling: And, remember, I said this was just the first shipment. There’s more coming, so check back every once in a while. Or better yet: stop by….

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Ancients Collection

I keep a modest collection of old coins and seals. I think they’re cool, and I seek out ones that are more unusual because of their provenance or because I appreciate their visual appeal. My Ancients Collection goes hand-in-hand with my Roma Collection and pairs well with designers such as Kurtulan and Steven Battelle. The…

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On the 5th Day of Christmas…

Kurtulan Gold Jewelry from Turkey – 30% Discount Kurtulan is hands-down one of my most successful and popular lines. It’s so unique, and it appeals to so many people. Kurtulan is manufactured by master goldsmiths in Turkey whose stated purpose in design is to capture the essence of Anatolian culture. There’s so much depth and…

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Rich, Hand Wrought, Byzantine and Gorgeous

If it were possible to sum up the Kurtulan line of jewelry at Aronstam Fine Jewelers, this description would come close. Designed in Turkey, the line is culture-specific and exotic, a blend of old and new, ancient and modern. The unique jewelry line absolutely stands out – especially with startling pairings of 24k yellow gold…

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